Arizona Mist Product Provides Martins With Hours of Cool Wet Fun

From: Bob Schneewind; - Chaska, MN
Date: 6/26/02
Time: 10:32:06 AM
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Dear Martin Enthusiasts,

I thought I'd share with you some real summer fun for your purple martin friends. Yesterday it was 90F with 75% humidity here in Chaska, MN. I saw my martins panting from the heat. So I decided to install the Arizona Mist product I rec'd for X-Mas gift from my family. The product is named, VIPER it is a personal mist product with two atomizing nozzles on end of 3/8" PVC memory tubing. The tubing is made to connect to a standard garden hose. There is a metal screen built into the inlet to keep the nozzles from plugging up. I used 1/2" re-inforced PVC tubing that has a 1/4" inside diameter, as this is lighter weight to hang from my TG-12 martin house. I attached the VIPER with tie wraps to the porch railings, so that the noxxle end was about 6 inches above the roof at one end of the house. I raised the house and turned on the faucet and my martins immediately flew through the wet mist spray. It was real fun watching the martins enjoy the cool wet summer relief.

This morning my singer, Ricky Martin (the new Daddy of the colony) was using the VIPER as a perch while preening. They sure adjusted fast to the newly added feature to their house.

P.S. The babies are now 5-days old and look very healthy and well fed. They also thanked me for keeping their house cool.

[Editorial comment:  Landlords can help their martins during oppressively hot weather by misting the housing.  Aluminum houses seem to get especially hot.  However, never spray water directly into entrance holes because the nests will get wet.  Always have the water come down from above, just like genuine rain.]