Tip for Modified Trio Houses - Closed Entrance Holes

From: Ken Kostka, info@purple-martin.org, Purple Martin Preservation Alliance, Natrona Heights, PA


Putting a few rivets through the door & plug of the rear compartment doors of  Trio modified (6x 6x12) house compartments will keep the plugs from being accidentally pulled, flexed, pushed, or scratched out. Ive decided to do this on my Trio houses because when I do nest checks, I always open the plugged door, from which its easier to observe the nest (which is right behind this door). But I sometimes accidentally pull the plug out when Im opening the door, and I'm always paranoid about the plug coming out when Im not there. (Its never happened but I think it could, so better safe than sorry.) If the plug were to come out, the nest/eggs/nestlings would be right in front of a 2 hole, exposed to the elements, starlings, predators, etc