On July 5, 2003, the landlord of a 1 pair Purple Martin colony site near Portersville, PA saw 2 subadult male martins investigating his site.  He used a Swarovski spotting scope to read the 4 digit alpha-numeric codes on the martins' yellow color bands.  One was Yellow A485, banded in 2002 as nestling at a colony site in Grove City, PA.  The other was Yellow P108, banded as a nestling in 2002 at a colony site in McKeesport, PA.  On July 10, while I was doing some routine band reading at my colony site in Sarver, PA, with my own spotting scope, I saw the same two SY-M's.  They were apparently non-breeders traveling together and were now 27.0 miles southeast of the colony site that they had been spotted at 5 days earlier. 

Ken Kostka
Purple Martin Preservation Alliance