Some interesting banding information and implications for attracting martins
. In mid-July of 2002, two banded subadult males showed up at the Saxon Golf Course colony site in Sarver, PA.  These birds were banded as nestlings (in 2001) at sites south of Pittsburgh, PA - one (Yellow P074) at Zeglin Dairy Farm near Mammoth and the other (Yellow P053) at Youghiogheny Country Club in McKeesport (Both sites about 30-40 miles distant)  Neither had been spotted at the Saxon site before about early July of 2002. These two SY-M's were unsuccessful in attracting mates, and had "decided" to hang out at this established site after there was no longer any chance of attracting a mate.  INTERESTINGLY, both birds are breeding at the Saxon Golf Course site this season (2003).  Since these birds were drawn to the activity at this site, it seems reasonable to assume that  keeping up the appearance of an active site (dawnsong, decoys, mirrors, competitor-free housing, etc...) right through August might pay dividends for the following year.