Former Major League Baseball Pitcher
Jack Kucek visits PMPA

Ken Kostka

Purple Martin Preservation Alliance
Natrona Heights, PA

    I had the privilege of meeting former MLB pitcher Jack Kucek today when he came to pick up a Purple Martin house I was selling on Craigslist. Jack struck out both Willie Stargell and Dave Parker while pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1979 at Three Rivers Stadium! I thought that was pretty cool! I was also thoroughly impressed by Jack's down-to-earth friendliness and good nature, as well as his enthusiasm for attracting Purple Martins to his home in Canfield, OH. Jack was kind enough to give me a signed baseball card as well as to sign an Excluder gourd! (both pictured below) He was also gracious enough to take the time to visit my older brother John, also a big baseball fan, who lives just down the street from me. Canfield is about 60 miles northwest of the greater Pittsburgh area, just across the Ohio state line. Jack has fond memories of the Purple Martins at his childhood home, and wants his grandkids to know them as well. Unfortunately, there were no Purple Martins present at my colony when Jack was here. The few that have returned thus far were out feeding on this sunny day. Good Luck in attracting that first pair Jack!