Product Advisory

Please read this if you own a Troyer Horizontal Gourd.  Because of the slick surface inside the THG, some birds may have difficulty exiting the gourd and could become trapped.  In addition to filling the nestbowl area all the way up to the level of the gourd neck with nesting material (such as soft pine straw or cedar shavings) when putting the gourds up at the beginning of the season, it is recommended that a series of holes be drilled in the bottom of the gourd where the floor slopes downward into the nestbowl area.  These holes provide a way for the birds to get a grip with their toenails and easily climb out of the gourd.  New Troyer Horizontal Gourds are coming equipped with non-skid material attached to the inside floor.

This VIDEO shows two martins attempting to exit a Troyer Horizontal Gourd that has not been filled with nesting material as instructed by the maunufacturer.