Nesting Pairs 2011 Season - Southwestern Pennsylvania Area*

Colony site                                        Location                                  # of pairs**

Leo Zeglin Dairy Farm                        Mammoth                                   38 (58 originally - 20 pair displaced)

Aaron Zeglin                                      Mammoth                                   18

Dave Bennett                                    Mammoth                                    7

Butlers Golf Course                            McKeesport                                 60 (85 originally - 25 pair displaced)

Youghiogheny Country Club                Buena Vista                                 37 (55 originally - 18 pair displaced)

L. Noonan                                         Slickville                                    21

Murraysville Municipal Park                Murraysville                                 1

C. Long                                          Smithton                                      (10 EST)

Hempfield Twp. Industrial Park          Greensburg                                  2

Crooked Creek Park                           Ford City                                   1 (new colony) ***

Butler Boy Scout Office                      Butler                                        1 (new colony)

Willowbrook Golf Course                    Apollo                                       2 (new colony) ***

Tim Kintigh                                        Alverton                                   2 (new colony) ***

Saxon Golf Course                              Saxonburg                                 24 (26 originally - 2 pair displaced)

USACE Lock 4                                    Natrona                                     27 (37 originally - 10 pair displaced)

Ken Kostka                                        Natrona Heights                          1 (new colony) ***

Richard Wood Horse Track                 Shelocta                                     56

Harold Claypool                                 Worthington                               11

West Shamokin High School                Rural Valley                                 5

 Bill Wise                                          Punxsutawney                             23

 Rick Wise                                        Punxsutawney                              6 (new colony)

 Enos Miller                                       Punxsutawney                              housing removed

 Emory Miller                                     Smicksburg                                 (20 EST)

 Milo Miller                                        Smicksburg                                  1 (new colony) 

 Dean Kildoo                                       Grove City                                 95

 Bill Watson                                        Slippery Rock                             (20 EST)

 Ron Miller                                          Slippery Rock                             0

 Meadow Lake Golf Course                   Harrisville                                 18

 Bob Allnock                                        Portersville                               61

 Roy Bauder                                         Portersville                              36

 G. Clouse                                          Portersville                             (15 EST)

 Doug Falk                                           Fombell                                   16

 Hereford  Lake                                   Fombell                                   housing removed

 Moraine State Park, McDanel's Launch   Portersville                              39

 Moraine State Park, Davis Hollow Mar. Portersville                               14

 B. Cooper                                         Portersville                              (30 EST)

 Duke Snyder                                       Butler                                      46

 M. Edes                                             Butler                                      (25 EST)



*The "Southwestern Pennsylvania Area" includes all or parts of the following nine counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Lawrence, Jefferson, Mercer, Westmoreland, Indiana.

** The number in parenthesis equals the number of nesting pairs displaced (or cavities closed that would very likely have had nesting martins had they not been closed.)

 *** Indicates colonies likely started as a result of "forced dispersal"; forced dispersal in 2010 resulted in activity at numerous sites that did not result in nesting martins. An article will be upcoming.

EST = Estimate

Please contact me with any additions or corrections.

9/30/11 11:38 am