PMPA staff member Ken Kostka has, for the past three years, expanded and managed a 50 pair colony site at McDanels Launch on the north shore of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park, Butler County, as well as a 15 pair colony site at Saxon Golf Course in Sarver.  He has also erected and maintained housing at three sites along the Allegheny River between Ford City and Natrona, as well as at Crooked Creek State Park in Armstrong County. Ken was formerly on staff at a martin conservation group in Erie Co.,  where he wrote numerous articles on Purple Martin management and developed a revolutionary new emergency feeding technique that has saved thousands of weather-stressed martins from starvation. 
    Jeff Hunt, the PMPA’s Director, manages the only known colony sites in Allegheny County - at Butlers Golf Course in Elizabeth and at the Youghiogheny Country Club in McKeesport.  He has converted the housing at these locations to allow for proper management and growth of the colony sites. His enthusiasm is contagious.
    Duke Snyder, another staffer at the PMPA, recently invented a starling-proof entrance hole that has proved to be a major asset to Purple Martins by nearly eliminating one of the major obstacles to martin recovery – competition from the destructive European Starling. Duke manages his own colony site in Butler, PA, and another near Gastow, Armstrong County.  He also assists in the management of several other sites and educates martin hobbyists in the Butler Area.